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Ready Mix & Masonry

Build a Solid Structure with Ready Mix Concrete from a Local Nova Scotia Company


Ready mix concrete in Nova Scotia is a mixture of sand, stone, cement and water. The cement and water combine together to make a paste that binds everything together and becomes the foundation of the concrete's strength. Many people often confuse the words concrete and cement. Cement is the powder used to make the concrete. Concrete is the finished product of the paste and aggregate

Because it is durable, economical and has the ability to take many forms, concrete is one of the world's most used construction materials. From underground to the top of high rise buildings, ready mix concrete can be found most everywhere. The most common uses are house foundations, bridges, driveways, high rise buildings and much, much more.

South Shore Ready Mix can provide you with the cement and the appropriate aggregates needed to complete concrete projects at your home or business. If you are a do-it-youselfer, we are able to get you the proper materials for your project. Follow our do-it-yourself tips for a successful project and be sure to check out the safety information for each type of ready mix concrete:

If you would prefer to leave the concrete work to us, we can provide ready mix service and concrete pouring at your location.


Split faced concrete brick, manufactured by South shore Ready Mix Limited, is recognized by architects, engineers, developers, and tradesmen as the perfect building material that balances the scale between durability and economy.

SPLIT BRICK™ by South Shore Ready Mix Ltd. are manufactured with the DRY BLOCK additive to create a very durable, water proof brick that will stand up to the harsh Maritime weather conditions.

SPLIT BRICK™ are manufactured to CSA-A165.2 M specifications and are made in many attractive colours. South Shore Ready Mix Ltd. is also capable of duplicating other manufacturers’ colours or developing new product colours as required by architects and developers.


South Shore Ready Mix also can provide concrete blocks for use in the construction of home foundations or the construction of garages and large buildings. Our concrete blocks all conform to CSA A165.1 specifications and come in the following styles:

  • Solid

  • Hollow

  • Semi solid

  • Bond beam 

  • Half height

Standard Concrete Block
Regular Block

Contact us today to learn more about the brick and blocks we can supply for your building project.

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